We are officially back, officially.

    lolerz. Sorry for the long wait, although I highly doubt you missed us. Anyways, school started yesterday and it already feels like we've been in school for months. Me and Angie got the same schedule (Woot Woot!) and we just entered our sophomore year. Since we are taking AP U.S. History and AP English, we are basically juniors and all our classes have juniors which is weird. Let's see how we get through this year! Cheers for tons and tons of homework this year! :)
    I want to do back to school videos but considering many people have started school, what's the point? Also, we are going to start doing many tags and more fashion videos. I just posted a new look on lookbook. So, if you want to check that out, look to the left (unless you are viewing this on a mobile phone...awk) and press the picture...if you wanna.
    Since we want to start being diverse on here, we might try to recruit some freshman or maybe our fellow sophomores to model for us. That could be fun..or not. I'd like to see their faces when we ask them to model for our blog that we only view. Hahaha.
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Second day of school outfits:
                                I'm being lame and I'm not a very good model as you can tell!
                                               Angie, using her skills for the best. Haha.

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