Les vacances d'été.

Ello. This is Mariyesi reporting to you with the latest news. Haha. Well, unfortunately (for me), Angeline has left on vacation for two weeks to the Dominican Republic. Where she will be spending her days hiding away from the sun, slabbering on five pounds of sunscreen, and wearing her lovely clothing items. Luckily, she prepared some posts for y'all that I will be posting throughout these two weeks. On Friday, I too will be leaving on vacation. I'll be flying to Miami then on a cruise to Mexico. I'll be doing the exact opposite as Angeline. I won't be wearing sunscreen, looking for the sun, and trying to wear the least amount of clothes so I won't get tan lines. I'll be putting together some outfits that I'd be wearing and what Angie would wear throughout these two weeks as well. Stay till the end for some more news! Here's the first outfit:

This is the perfect outfit. The retro high-waisted shorts are gorg, the bustiers are so cute and feminine. As for the Lita's, I doubt my mom would think I could walk in these. I really want a pair! I think I might just get the suede taupe one's. They are so pretty and as versatile as my Doc's which I LOVE. I present to you my Angie inspired outfit.
Angie's outift

The maxi dress is all flowy and boho plus it's maxi so that means the sun won't hit the legs. Angie LOVES gladiators! She calls them 'jesus sandals'. Last but not least, kids sunscreen. Not even joking. I've seen her carry this with her and put on after school. Once, she put sunscreen on her nose like a lifeguard and she just went out like that. It was hilarious. People stared and we laughed at them.

I will be posting outfit of the days and videos of the weeks starting Friday for two weeks. I'll start again when school starts so you can all see my outfits. When school starts, I'll post Angie's outfits as well. Stay tuned and thanks for looking! <3
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Girly Twirly

I didn't take too many pictures of this one because Angie doesn't usually wear too much pink. That shirt was hers but she gave it to me because she didn't like it. Haha. Anyways, the shirt is from Forever 21, the shorts were from a local boutique, socks from Aeropostale, and shoes from a local vintage shop. I think that lipstick looks lovely on her! It's from Victoria Secret in Hot Spot. I'm soo glad winter is  almost kind of approaching and I can't wait to do a winter photoshoot when I get my SLR. Please request things you would like to see on this blog. :)


Red Tank

 It's Angeline here!

                     Hey peeps, todays post is gonna be  about how to wear a tank in 4 different wayyyyyyssss! Eh, so lets get started. The different links at the bottom content of the tank and the 4 items you can add to it to give it a twist. 
    TANK!: I chosed this tank top because its really simple, and it's not a patterned tank it's just a solid bright summer color.http://www.hm.com/us/product/92349?article=92349-J#article=92349-J
1. You can add this awesome hippie looking poncho during the night when it gets a bit chily.http://www.hm.com/us/product/92050?article=92050-B
2. If it's hot during the day and a poncho doesn't come across your mind, you can add a thin braided brown belt and wear it on your waist. http://www.hm.com/us/product/92954?article=92954-A
3. If you want to go out to dinner with your friends or something during the night time, you can add a heavy looking necklace like this one to avoid the tank from looking too plain and simple. http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=acc%5Fnecklace&product%5Fid=1000019165&Page=13&pgcount=25
4.  Lastly, if you're wearing this tank in the afternoon and lets not forget it's getting cooler by the afternoon, you can wear a thin fashionable scarf like this one :]. http://www.hm.com/us/product/93594?article=93594-A




                                   I like the fact that there is an ample space above her head.

                                        My(Mariyesi) Docs! I told you they go with anything,

                                                                Loving the curls. ;p

This chick looks like someone I know.

Hype this on Lookbook! Can't wait to get my SLR. http://lookbook.nu/look/2123577-Misplaced


Diary of a Middle School Fashionista #3

So we recently recruited a model for this series and this purrty gal is actually Angie's cousin. She's eleven and her name is Rosemarie. This is one of my (Mariyesi) favorite outfits because of the adorable Bass loafs and the blue socks. It just completes the outfit perfectly. Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more pictahs with this chick! :)

Just a sweep of mascara, a light rosy pick blush, and lip balm. The perfect 'au naturel' look for middle schoolers.

                                             Intricate and silly bands=a necessity

                                               Rockin' those shades like a 'G'.


Thrifting For The First Time

Yesterday, July 2nd of 2011,I (Mariyesi)went to my local Salvation Army.I found out where it was when I was picking up my Coastal Scents 10 blush palette, which is mighty awesome, from the FedEx office. Anyways, I've been recently obsessed with watching The Fashion Citizen and Clothes Encounters on YouTube. They are amazing, have a great unique style, and are a great source of inspiration and entertainment. You guys should definitely check 'em out. Back to the point. They are the ones who introduced me to the concept of thrifting and second hand stores. Let me tell you something, my parents are those kind of people who are very opposed to used clothing. My mom absolutely loves shopping as long as the clothes are good quality, cute, and NEW. My dad is the same except I doubt he would use the exact word 'cute'. Haha. When I arrived at the store, I was completely amazed and excited that there were so many racks of clothes to choose from! I literally had this HUGE grin on my face starting from ear to ear. I was also squealing a bit too loud. My father thought I was going crazy. His exact words were 'Mari! Are you going crazy? We need to take you to a mental hospital!' I laughed so much. I think that day was one of the best days of my life. It was great. There were so many vintage tops that probably had a lot of history and some funky smells. After 5 minutes of browsing, my hand was just about to fall off from all of the clothes I had in my hand. I didn't really get to look through the pants just because there was no fitting room so I couldn't try them on. I was really looking forward to get some high-waisted shorties. :( My favorite part of the store was the purse area. It was like Balenciaga pooped out some designs that weren't good enough for them. Well, it was good enough for me! And I guess Dooney&Burke ate too many prunes because they sure pooped out a good deal for me. I found an authentic Dooney & Burke for a dollar!!! A DOLLAR. AN EFFIN DOLLAR. I can't even buy a decent pack of gum with a dollar. I got a Dooney&Burke bag for 4 quarters, 100 pennies, 10 dimes, or 20 miserable nickels. The whole car ride home I was just repeating this phrase: 'A dollar? Daddy, am I dreaming?' The grand total was $7.98. I got three blouses and three bags that were a dollar each. Overall, I definitely think you need to have an open mind and strong will to not gag at the smell. Thrifting is something that everyone should try before they die. It's a great buy and you will always find something as said by The Fashion Citizen.

What's in our bag, you may ask.

Sorry again for the bad quality. Next month= BEST QUALITY EVARR!
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-Fashion not War!


Skinny Stripe

This was one of last days of our very memorable year as a freshman. We have gone through so much in so little time. It felt like the first day of school was just yesterday. All those thesis essays, book reviews, and studying right before class sessions (we are BIG procrastinators) are done. That last photo is Mari's first picture in the blog. :) She claims to be only the photographer and nothing else. We all know she wants to do an outfit of the day. So long freshman year!