Monday's are dreadful? Not in my world.

   This fine Monday consisted of discussions on politics, analyzing a theater critic's review on "The Crucible", taking a fun Geometry diagnostic, and talking about safety precautions in Chem. (I'm not being sarcastic.) Monday's should always be the day where you start that fresh piece of paper, a sharpened (in my case) lead pencil, and a fresh mind. Friday is the day when you want to quote Rebecca Black about the weekend and watch the clock tick by every second in class. Isn't high school great? Tons of homework, brainfarts, and trees 'down the drain', yet when summer comes, we forget everything. After school ended, me and Angie did fun stuff! Haha. Starting this year, her cousin joined our school and we decided to take this opportunity to snap some photos of him. Hopefully, he'll let us snap some more in the near future. Here are the pics!
                          I wonder what she was looking at. Haha

  Tree hugger!

 Love this one so much!
 By the way, I cut that shirt! Props to me.
 Haaha. No eyebrows. She looks younger.
 Introducing: Angie's cousin, Eurys! I swear, her whole family is going to end up being on the blog. Well, at least her cousins. 

 Man, Angie's family members sure like looking away from the camera. Lol. Just kidding.

 I wonder what he thought of my sketches. :o
Hey, at least this one doesn't mind being in the sun unlike someone I know. *cough* Angie*cough*

Angie sends y'all fish kisses and hugs from myself!
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