always and forever

High school is treating us well. So many insiders, so much stress, so many 'Zinns', so much laughter, so many weird events, so many stares, so much cursing, so much failure, so much passing, so many journals, so many freshies. 

Knit: Forever 21 l High Waisted Skinny Jeans: H & M l Jeffrey Campbell Lita: Solestruck.com

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Knit Sweater: GAP l Blue Skinny Jeans: American Eagle l Oxfords: Bakers

I felt so tiny in this outfit. That knit buried me but it was oh so comfy. I'm always with tall people so that might contribute to the fact that I feel small. I feel like no one is reading this! Comment and give us feedback or drop your blogs in the comments so I can check 'em out...if you want :) My Boyfriend tag is coming soon!


Navel Rings

My recent obsession has been belly button rings! It was something that came out of nowhere and after a few weeks of begging, I finally got it. I do have to say that they are a bit provocative but it's not like I go outside with a cropped top to show it off. I mean, who does that? I got it for the sole reason because I wanted to see it and I think it looks cute. I think I might start taking of my outfits more often. It's especially fun when done in front of strangers who are looking at you strangely. I just laugh. This one guy came and said "You came out ugly in that last picture!" in spanish. I was bursting with laughter. It was hilarious. 
Shirt: Urban Outfitters l Denim Button Up: Guess l Jeans: H&M l Boots: Doc Martens l Scarf: Thrift Store

gym is a waste of time

Angie and I have recently started gym classes in school. When I say gym classes, I mean the locker room kind of gym. Have you seen those 'typical' high school movies where the showers sre on, girls are in towels, doing their makeup, and that kind of stuff? It's kind of like that but nobody uses the showers. I personally love gym only for the fact that I get to go shopping for gym clothes. Haha.
 Shirt: Forever 21 l Sweats: PINK Victoria's Secret l Sneakers: Vans
Shirt: Banana Republic l Sweats: Gilly Hicks l Sneakers: Jordan's 
f(All of this is really old.. my Jordan's are like from 7th grade. I need to start getting more fashionable in gym.)


Hallow's Eve

The day we shot this, we were so exhausted. It was like 10 degrees outside. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but I'm trying to make a point. It was really cold out. Like 'Brr' cold. This look was all Angie's idea. I just helped out by providing the shoes and failing at an attempt to put baby powder on her already pale face. Links of our other 'websites' down below.


A Daily Wear

The first few outfits was after Angie's b-day. Her birthday is October 10. Anyways, I bought her the sickest shoes that I literally had to hunt down. Sheesh! They were sold out almost EVERYWHERE! They are the Jeffrey Campbell 99 Tie Wedge. I'll give you a sneek peek of 'em.