Tuesday, a good day.

First week of school=so far, so good. Me and Angie have decided to make daily outfits of the days for y'all. Here they are:
 My knit is from Zara. I got it on sale for 20 bucks in Miami this summer. My shorts are from Urban Outfitters, my favorite store, and they were also 20 bucks. My favorite loafers are from Macy's and they are Lucky Brand. Lucky Brand seriously makes the most unique shoes and they are sooo comfy. It feels like I'm floating except for my left foot which is all discombobulated. See how it isn't straight!! It's soo weird! Anyways, these babies were pretty pricey. They were 100 dollars. 
I love this flannel on Angie. Most of her outfit is from Who A.U. which is sort of like Hollister Co. but from what I hear, it's better. Her shorts are also from Who A.U. They are soo cute because they have this little lace detailing peeking out from the bottom. Her loafers were from a thrift store.
Hahaha. Look at our skin tones and compare the difference. She's so pale. I'm so tan.
Hugs and Kisses! JK We don't give those out that easily! :D
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