Diary Of A Middle School Fashionista #2- Angeline

Vintage Edge

   In middle school, I was WEIRD! hahaha not that I minded anyways. My style was unique and not in a good way, in a hot mess kind of way. My hair was always oily and too straight and I didn't do much with it but just let it out, which was a big mistake.
    If I could go back to my middle school years, I would definitely give myself some tips that I wish I knew back then. If you're in middle school, it can be hard to try and find yourself and express who you are through clothes. You don't want to end up looking like it's all too much and too grown up, but you also don't want to look too child-ish. An outfit like this conveys   both in one which is perfecto :].
    You can wear a loose beige t-shirt like this one with high waisted dark blue jeans, a pair of navy blue Dr.Martens (which i loveee) This makes your outfit look casual with a hint of edge to it, and a satchel. You can either do a high messy bun with this, and if you have really curly hair you can do a low side loose pony. If you want you can wear mascara, light pink blush and some snob or angel by MAC to keep it simple. Bye bye, good luck :]!

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