Cold in the Summer :/...?

             Ello! This is Angie and Mari, reunited and it feels so goooood :). Today is s actually a weird day because, its summer, and....IT'S COLD! It's funny because when you go outside, you see a whole bunch of people wearing shorts, freezing assuming that it'll be hot like it's been all week, but guess not. So, we're just going to give some tips of how to still keep a summer look in a chilly weather like this.

     1. Cozy Knit Sweatah's!
Knit sweaters are purr-fect for this bipolar weather. As seen in this outfit, Angie is wearing a forest green sweater from Urban Outfitters, It's normally as long as a shirtdress but because it was a little bit hotter out so I decided to throw her some rolled up shorties and some mid-calf booties.     
      2. BOOTS!
Oh my water (same as OMG with a twist)! I'm going crazy about all types of boots this summer ranging from Dr.Martens or 'Docs' (as i like to call them) to Hunter boots. Docs are really versatile in general. You can literally wear them with ANYTHING. I have literally tried to think of an outfit wear you couldn't wear Docs but it's just impossible. Anyways, Docs or Hunter boots look good for that edgy/rocker chic feel. You can be all laidback with your Docs, rolled up shorts, fringed bag, and a nice flowy boat-neck top in order to survive the mini chills and you can maybe add a studded leather jacket.
Sorry for the minimal use of typing in CAPS lock...excuse our sarcasm. Blush is Mariyesi's absolute favorite thing to use not only in the summer but ALL YEAR LONG. Angie usually doesn't like it because she doesn't like to look tan and she doesn't like blush too much. When it's all rainy outside (and it's still summer) you want to look nice and dewy, right? No? SAY YES! You should wear a cream blush which gives you that glowing effect on your cheekers! Highlighter is also one of those things that make you glow like an angel. We prefer Girl Meets Pearl, Benefit's HighBeam, or those MAC mineralized skin finishes thingy's. They give you such a healthy glow that we can't stress.
    4.Fedoras or just hats
Hats are such a great invention. They are so versatile. If you are having a bad hair day, you can just grab one and walk straight out the door. When it's raining and you don't feel like lugging around an umbrella, fedoras are usually worn in the summer where I live. Hats can also spice up any boring outfit. Perhaps you have a silky racerback, high waisted shorts, and some wedges on. Add a hat and voila, perfecto!
Hope we helped out!


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