Diary of a Middle School Fashionista #1-Mariyesi

Diary of a Middle School Fashionista #1

    So remember those middle school days where it was fun to wear striped neon pink tights with a bright green glow-in-the-dark tee-shirt. Well, I was one one of those chicks whose hair was horrible and frizzy. It was always pulled back to an unflattering ponytail or a really low bun. Trust me, I don't have that good hair. 
    My hair is 100% Dominican so when i wash it and don't go to a beauty salon pronto, SATAN has been released! HAHA I had the bushiest eyebrows and the worst girl-stache that I happily inherited from my mummy. If I could take a trip back in time to middle school and give younger me some advice, I'd happily go. 
    Now this first outfit doesn't necessarily have to be for middle schoolers because I would definitely wear it now. It's more of a "dance" type outfit. I forgot to put in the leggings though. :( Some cute patterned leggings would complete the outfit. The jean top goes really well with the mesh-type skirt and then the velvet oxfords. It's like three completely different fabrics which I LOVE to mix up. Th clutch also adds a vintage feel to it because it's beaded and has that worn-out gold colored stars on it which is soo fab. The makeup is very light because when you are going to a dance, you want to look more dressy and fancy. 
    When I was in middle school, my makeup was HORRENDOUS. I had my black eyeliner smudged all around like an emo raccoon . Wow, this post turned out to be really long but anyways, so long! Hope I helped and hope you enjoyed! Angie will be posting her version soon.

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