Navel Rings

My recent obsession has been belly button rings! It was something that came out of nowhere and after a few weeks of begging, I finally got it. I do have to say that they are a bit provocative but it's not like I go outside with a cropped top to show it off. I mean, who does that? I got it for the sole reason because I wanted to see it and I think it looks cute. I think I might start taking of my outfits more often. It's especially fun when done in front of strangers who are looking at you strangely. I just laugh. This one guy came and said "You came out ugly in that last picture!" in spanish. I was bursting with laughter. It was hilarious. 
Shirt: Urban Outfitters l Denim Button Up: Guess l Jeans: H&M l Boots: Doc Martens l Scarf: Thrift Store

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