Chalupa Futbol

Ahh. I miss posting. Hi. Me and Angie just realized how much fun taking pictures of outfits, posing, and blog posting is. These past three days have been just plain old funny. Monday me (Mariyesi, in case ya don't know (not the model)), Angie (the model), and Eurys (Angie's cuz), found an orange under the lunch table and started kicking it to each other with our feet. We called the game Chalupa Football. Don't ask. Earlier that day, we had gym were we spent half of an hour spinning around and the rest of the time changing (cuz that's what gym is all about). We are even fashionable in gym. That's GANGSTA right there. HAHA. We are nowhere near GANGSTA.
Tuesday just flew by.
Today, Wednesday, is an early day for us because we get out at 2:10 PM instead of 3:10 PM. Today we wanted to do KNITWEAR because Angie is OBSESSED with it this fall. It's gettin' chillllly out! I kind of miss summer now. I will have a separate post for this. :/
I had a lot of fun shooting this because I'm so used to this and it's like walking. It comes naturally. Plus, laughing and eating chocolate ice cream is always fun.
*If you can read this, THE HOODED FIGURE will always remind us of someone. 


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