Thrifting For The First Time

Yesterday, July 2nd of 2011,I (Mariyesi)went to my local Salvation Army.I found out where it was when I was picking up my Coastal Scents 10 blush palette, which is mighty awesome, from the FedEx office. Anyways, I've been recently obsessed with watching The Fashion Citizen and Clothes Encounters on YouTube. They are amazing, have a great unique style, and are a great source of inspiration and entertainment. You guys should definitely check 'em out. Back to the point. They are the ones who introduced me to the concept of thrifting and second hand stores. Let me tell you something, my parents are those kind of people who are very opposed to used clothing. My mom absolutely loves shopping as long as the clothes are good quality, cute, and NEW. My dad is the same except I doubt he would use the exact word 'cute'. Haha. When I arrived at the store, I was completely amazed and excited that there were so many racks of clothes to choose from! I literally had this HUGE grin on my face starting from ear to ear. I was also squealing a bit too loud. My father thought I was going crazy. His exact words were 'Mari! Are you going crazy? We need to take you to a mental hospital!' I laughed so much. I think that day was one of the best days of my life. It was great. There were so many vintage tops that probably had a lot of history and some funky smells. After 5 minutes of browsing, my hand was just about to fall off from all of the clothes I had in my hand. I didn't really get to look through the pants just because there was no fitting room so I couldn't try them on. I was really looking forward to get some high-waisted shorties. :( My favorite part of the store was the purse area. It was like Balenciaga pooped out some designs that weren't good enough for them. Well, it was good enough for me! And I guess Dooney&Burke ate too many prunes because they sure pooped out a good deal for me. I found an authentic Dooney & Burke for a dollar!!! A DOLLAR. AN EFFIN DOLLAR. I can't even buy a decent pack of gum with a dollar. I got a Dooney&Burke bag for 4 quarters, 100 pennies, 10 dimes, or 20 miserable nickels. The whole car ride home I was just repeating this phrase: 'A dollar? Daddy, am I dreaming?' The grand total was $7.98. I got three blouses and three bags that were a dollar each. Overall, I definitely think you need to have an open mind and strong will to not gag at the smell. Thrifting is something that everyone should try before they die. It's a great buy and you will always find something as said by The Fashion Citizen.

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