Les vacances d'été.

Ello. This is Mariyesi reporting to you with the latest news. Haha. Well, unfortunately (for me), Angeline has left on vacation for two weeks to the Dominican Republic. Where she will be spending her days hiding away from the sun, slabbering on five pounds of sunscreen, and wearing her lovely clothing items. Luckily, she prepared some posts for y'all that I will be posting throughout these two weeks. On Friday, I too will be leaving on vacation. I'll be flying to Miami then on a cruise to Mexico. I'll be doing the exact opposite as Angeline. I won't be wearing sunscreen, looking for the sun, and trying to wear the least amount of clothes so I won't get tan lines. I'll be putting together some outfits that I'd be wearing and what Angie would wear throughout these two weeks as well. Stay till the end for some more news! Here's the first outfit:

This is the perfect outfit. The retro high-waisted shorts are gorg, the bustiers are so cute and feminine. As for the Lita's, I doubt my mom would think I could walk in these. I really want a pair! I think I might just get the suede taupe one's. They are so pretty and as versatile as my Doc's which I LOVE. I present to you my Angie inspired outfit.
Angie's outift

The maxi dress is all flowy and boho plus it's maxi so that means the sun won't hit the legs. Angie LOVES gladiators! She calls them 'jesus sandals'. Last but not least, kids sunscreen. Not even joking. I've seen her carry this with her and put on after school. Once, she put sunscreen on her nose like a lifeguard and she just went out like that. It was hilarious. People stared and we laughed at them.

I will be posting outfit of the days and videos of the weeks starting Friday for two weeks. I'll start again when school starts so you can all see my outfits. When school starts, I'll post Angie's outfits as well. Stay tuned and thanks for looking! <3
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  1. You can totally walk in a pair of litas; because they are platforms, the actual heel is not that tall at all. it's just a balancing act. and as for the outfit, i love the floral bustier =)

    amy xo

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